NewsTeller is a research-driven platform to analyze news. We are a community of researchers, journalists, technologists and media practitioners based at EPFL.


We develop a publicly-available and sutainable ecosystem to study the constantly-evolving news landscape:

We monitor news

We retrieve, process, store, and index a wide range of multilingual news articles and social media reactions in real-time.

We enhance news

We create an enhanced context for news articles combining content, social, and source indicators.

We research

We develop methodologies to analyze live and historical news.

We communicate

We host fact-checkers, collaborate with journalists and organize media-related events.





Initiative for Media Innovation (IMI): The project “Media Observatory” has received funding from the Initiative for Media Innovation based at Media Center, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Open Science Fund (OSF) & Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW): OSF and SATW funded and actively supported the former SciLens News Platform which was naturally evolved and integrated to the NewsTeller platform.